We design, produce and commercialize our waxes


TERMOFLEX L Waxes: They are laminating waxes used for the binding of several substrates from paper, aluminum or plastic films.


TERMOFLEX B Waxes: They are coating waxes used as gloss coating materials when applied on paper, among other properties.


TERMOFLEX P Waxes: They are coating waxes used as heat-sealing materials to get from weak to strong bondings in the closed-packed at very diverse temperatures of sealing, as well as labeling of plastic cups usually intended for the packaging of dairy products.


TERMOFLEX T Waxes: They are coating waxes used by application in molten state for the waterproofing of paper and cartonboard.


POLIWAX Waxes: They are waxes of coating of cheeses used for protective coating designed to reduce losses and improve the conservation of cheeses.


EMULSIBER T Emulsions: They are emulsions of waxes used with a coating at room temperature to get a treatment impregnation of paper and cardboard.


IBERCER Waxes: They are paraffin for use in multiple applications.


TIOZONE Waxes: They are anti-ozone waxes used for protection anti-ozone of tires and other rubber products.


NUFLEX Waxes: They are waxes for cosmetic depilatories and gels used in cables, communications and energy as insulating fillings and mechanical protection.


WAXOIL Waxes: They are waxes intended for the preparation of polishes and cleaners.



In Technical Publications section you’ll find an article about Waxes, introduction and applications that provides a very general information on waxes, and especially varieties and characteristics of waxes.

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