Termoflex Hotmelts

We design, produce and commercialize our hotmelts


TERMOFLEX C Hotmelts: They are hotmelts used as materials which are applied in the corrugated cardboard for the harness and enclosed single or double cartons on high speed and wrap-around machines.


TERMOFLEX P Hotmelts: They are hotmelts used as heat-sealable materials to get unions from weak to strong bindings at very diverse temperatures, and for the labelling of plastic cups.


TERMOFLEX V Hotmelts: They are hotmelts used as separators between ceramic pieces.



In Technical Publicationssection you’ll find a variety of articles on waxes, the hotmelts and its applications in varied industries, which provide general information on the characteristics of waxes and the hotmelts to achieve amazing effects in its various applications in technical publications.

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