Products' type

We design, produce, and sell our waxes, hotmelts and emulsions  aimed at very different industries and applications, among which are:

  •  Packing and packaging industry.

o    Flexible packaging laminates.

o    Heat-sealable coating wax for paper.

o    High gloss coating waxes.

o    Waxes for corrugated cardboard.

o    Waterproofing treatments for food packaging.

o    Hotmelt adhesives for case and carton sealing.

o    Hotmelts for case forming.

o    Hotmelts for the protection of glass surface of tiles.

o    Hotmelts for labelling or flexible packaging.

o    Hotmelts for palletization.

  • Food industry.
    • Waxes for cheese coating.
    • Waxes for sausage coating.
    • Waxes for pill glossing.
    • Waxes for chewing gum base.
    • Gloss citrus emulsions.
  • Rubber industry.
    • Waxes for several products of technical rubber.
    • Antiozone waxes for tires or rubber products.
    • Waxes for rubber conveyor belts.
    • Waxes and emulsions for latex gloves.
  • Plastic industry.
    • Internal and external lubricant waxes in inyection process.
    • Procesing aid for expandable polyestyrene.
    • Release agents in inyection plastic proccesing.
    • Waxes for pigment concentrates and masterbatches. 
  • Automotive industry
    • Proteccion of metalic surfaces.
    • Anticorrosion protection in cavities.
    • Agents for modifying bitumen and asphalt.
  • Cosmetic industry.
    • Waxes for lipstick and eyeliners.
    • Depilatory waxes.
    • Waxes for cosmetic creams.
  • Communication cables industry.
    • Tube filling gel for optical fiber cables.
    • Core filling compounds for optical fiber cables.
    • Filling and flooding compounds for copper cables.
    • Insulating compounds for power cables.
    • Hotmelt adhesives for shielding metalic foils.
  • Technical water based wax emulsions.
    • Cleaning and polish products.
    • Shoe and forniture polishes.
    • Waterproofing agents for wood.
    • Rub and scratch resistance agents for inks and paints.
    • Construction application.
    • Concrete curing agents.
    • Textile auxiliaries : finishing agent, crease proof finishing, sewing yarn lubricants.
    • Road paints products.

In Technical Publications section you’ll find an article on Introduction and applications of waxes which facilitates a very general information on waxes and several others in which the use of waxes can be seen in specific fields, from the most known of the fabrication of candles, until technical uses where small percentages of wax have surprising results in the solution of problems.

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