Waxes for food industry

The food industry is using packaging carrying wax composition for preserving the quality of food by establishing a barrier to the external contact. We design, produce and commercialize waxes and emulsions specifically destined for the coating of food or as feed additives.


POLIWAX Waxes are cheese coating waxes conceived as protection elements and provide the different cheese with a coating able to produce isolation, dimensional stability and attractive looks.

IBERCER Waxes are waxes for chewing gum base and they provide de required plasticity for each use, meeting all de requirements to be considered as food additives.

EMULSIBER emulsions are emulsions for the citrus washing treatment to extend storage times, reduce losses in the weight of the fruit, and improve the appearance to avoid mold growth and get the attractive shine.


In Technical Publications section you’ll find articles on the use of waxes in the food industry, and especially

Waxes in the packaging industry, which provides a very general information on waxes and especially the role of the lining of the packing, determining the necessary characteristics of coating waxes to achieve effects barrier, resistance and tenacity for the container to the food industry.

The use of waxes in the cheese coating that describes the characteristics of these coating waxes and the conditions that made the coatings.

The use of waxes in thermofusible adhesives, which provides information on the extended use of these hotmelts adhesive to facilitate the closed fast and effective packaging for the food industry.

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