Flexible packaging waxes

We design, produce and commercialize our flexible packaging waxes


The flexible packaging waxes are used in combination with cellulose, metallic materials or plastics to protect packaged products.

The use of our TERMOFLEX B and  P waxes in the flexible packaging comes derived from its versatility to confer functional properties which in many cases can only provide waxes. For bonding different materials waxes can give the necessary adhesion and adequate structural strength.

When the flexible packaging is based on a cellulose base, our wax TERMOFLEX L provides the necessary barrier to water, gases and water vapor. This wax flexible character facilitates continuity without the film breaks to keep the barrier effect.

In the flexible packaging, the seability and surface shine they get with our waxes TERMOFLEX P, improving the appearance of the container.


In Technical Publications section you’ll find an article about Waxes in the packaging industry which facilitates a very general information on waxes and especially the role of packing rolling waxes flexible, determining methods of checking the strength of lamination of wax to hold together the components of the complex and necessary characteristics of laminating waxes to maintain or increase flexibility.


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